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Game of Thrones Coin: Mithradates VI Stater

Market News | October 9, 2019

Well … almost. Here, see what we mean: Matricide. Fratricide. Filicide. The slaughter of an entire Roman province of 80,000. Who would do such things? Sounds like a villain out of Game of Thrones, right? Unfortunately, these acts are all too real. They were committed by King Mithridates IV, ruler of the Kingdom of Pontus. […]

A Shipwreck for the Ages: The S.S. Central America

Market News | October 7, 2019

The siren song of gold called from California to every corner of the country. Across the nation, men (and a much smaller number of women) sold their possessions, borrowed money, and spent their savings to get themselves to the Promised Land. The journey, however, was perilous. Prospective gold miners, called ’49ers for the year (1849) […]

Over 270 Million of These Coins Were Melted

Market News | October 2, 2019

Over 270 million Morgan silver dollars met their fate in the melting pot under the provisions of the Pittman Act of 1918.   The U.S. government ordered this dramatic move to save Great Britain from a banking collapse and may have also helped the Allies win the war. How did this great silver meltdown come […]

The 1907 High-Relief Saint-Gaudens: A miniature sculpture in your hands

Market News | September 30, 2019

When President Theodore Roosevelt set his mind on something, nothing would hold him back. And one thing he wanted was to improve America’s image in the world. As part of that mission, he decided to send a fleet of battleships around the world to show how powerful our navy was. However, there was one problem: […]

The 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet: A Coin from the Watery Depths

Market News | September 25, 2019

The men had just had two days of calm seas. But it wasn’t to last … A strange swell appeared in the sea, silent and unsettling. The sea birds vanished. The swell grew; cargo rolled in the holds; and for the 1,000 men sailing the 11 ships of Spain’s Treasure Fleet, the night passed uneasily. […]