Market News

Three Truths, And a Lie About Gold

Gold | October 23, 2019

Investors sometimes hesitate when contemplating a gold purchase. They are unsure of about taking the next step because they find commodities confusing. This uncertainty is understandable. Gold is nebulous. It doesn’t trace back to a product, service, or a board of directors. In contrast, stocks and bonds are less opaque. They are the life blood […]

Why Your Tangible Assets Portfolio Should Include Rare Coins

Market News | October 21, 2019

It’s commonly know that gold is a great hedge against inflation and a proven portfolio diversifier. What isn’t commonly known is that investments in U.S. rare coins do an even better job at growing your long-term investment returns. In fact, the investment return on U.S. rare coins over the last 40 years is higher than […]

What Does the Repo Market Drama Mean For You?

Investment | October 16, 2019

Attention passengers, the pilot has turned on the seat belt sign. There is turbulence ahead. The latest drama in the repo market may be a wake-up call that all is not right in the banking system. The repo market, a little-talked about corner of the U.S. financial system has been making headlines in recent weeks. […]

The Tumultuous Times of the 1861 Indian Princess Gold Coin

Market News | October 14, 2019

In the wild days of the California gold rush (1848-1855) the supply of gold surged in the US. This influx reinvigorated Congress’s interest in producing a gold coin dollar. Originally, the idea to issue a one-dollar gold coin came from Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury. For a long time, government officials, and the […]

Game of Thrones Coin: Mithradates VI Stater

Market News | October 9, 2019

Well … almost. Here, see what we mean: Matricide. Fratricide. Filicide. The slaughter of an entire Roman province of 80,000. Who would do such things? Sounds like a villain out of Game of Thrones, right? Unfortunately, these acts are all too real. They were committed by King Mithridates IV, ruler of the Kingdom of Pontus. […]